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Literature about England:
A History of No. 15 Squadron. By N.J. Roberson

The records of The Royal Air Force.
How to find The Few.
By Eunice Wilson, 1991, ISBN 1-872094-17-1

Aircraft of The Royal Air Force since 1918
By Owen Thetford. Putnam & Company 1968 SBN 37000101 x

Fighter Squadrons of The RAF
By John Rawlings. Crech Books. ISBN 0-94-7554-24-6

Coastal, Support and Special Squadrons, by John Rawlings

2nd Tactical Air Force, By C. Shores ISBN 85045 030 6

The RAF at war.
By Ralph Baker, Alexandria, Va, 1981. ISBN 0-8094-3293-5

Eagels of the RAF: the WW II Eagle squadrons.
By Philip D. Caine. National Defense Universesty Press, 1991

Cranwell: the history of Royal Air Force
By E. B. Haslam. Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1992
ISBN 0-11-772359-2

Royal Air Force 1939-1945
By Denis Richards and Hilary St. George Saunders.
Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1953-54

The Squadrons Of The Royal Air Force & Commonwealth 1918-1988.
By Halley.

An useful adress:
The British Commonwealt & Polish Air Services Personnel Archive
Geoffrey Negus
2 Hearthcote Avenue. Solihull. West Midlands B91 1QL. England

I'm the editor of the book:
TRAINING IN ARCADIA AND CLEWISTON, which presents background information,
reminiscences, and photos concerned with this experience in 1941-45. You can
read more about the book at It is
free of charge if sent electronically; a nominal price is charged for hard
copies to cover printing and mailing.

Please contact me if you are interested.

T. E. Roberts (

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The Public Record Office (PRO)

Literature about
Scotland: Scotland:

Sources for Scottish Genealogy and Family History
By D. J. Steel. Published for the Society of Genealogists
Phillimore & Co. Ltd 1970 SBN 900592 52 4

Literature about Norway:

Hvem forsker p� hva i Norsk genealogi 1996
Redakt�r Tormod J. Bakke. Norsk Slekshistorisk Forening
Who is reseaching what in Norwegian genealogy 1996
Norwegian Genealogy Association, Akersgt 7, 59 Sentrum N-0101 Oslo
Phone-fax 47 22422204

Udsikt over Kristiania Politi's historie og den gjeldene politilovgivning.
Ved Paul Holmsen Kristiania 1865. J. Chr. Gundersens Bogtrykkeri.
Oslo Byarkiv, R�dhuset. (363.209)


Slekten Chrystie i Norge v/ Ragnar Iuell Cammermeyer Oslo, 1946

Torder�d G�rd and other Chrystie homes. Author: Arnulf Johannessen. 1995 ISBN: - 82-993587-2-8

Som norsk antikvariat p� nettet vil jeg fors�ke � skaffe
frem b�ker som ikke lenger er � f�, lokalhistorie og slektsb�ker.

Literature about Scandinavians in Australia:

The Genealogical Research Directory
By Keith A JOHNSON & Malcolm R SAINTY. Library of Australian History POB 795 North Sidney NSW 2060 Australia
The ISBN is 0-908120-89-3

A History of Australia, Melbourne University Press 1978-81 C M H Clark.

Australske toner , Dreyer 1949. Leif Evensen

Blant menneske�dere, Forlagsbureauet i K�benhavn 1888 Carl Lumholtz.

Skandinaver i Australien, Emigrantinstituttet 1983

Guldgraverliv og Sj�mandsferd, Christiania 1885. Carl A Olsen.

The first two hundred years. Longman Cheshire 1981. Helen Palmer og Jessie MacLeod.

I f�rste rekke, Ing. F. Selmer A/S 1981. �yvind Steen.

Australien fararna. Beibom 1983 LT's forlag Stockholm, Sverige

R�tter, Emigranthistorie i 17 brev. Norsk utvandring til Australia og New Zealand gjennom 200 �r. �ystein Molstad Andersen. Ansgard

Australia-farere, Nordmenn som tok en annen vei. Capplen ISBN 82-02-10505-6 Arvid M�ller

The Scandinavians in Australia, New Zealand and the Western Pacific.
By J. Lyng 1939 Melbourne University Press

Scandinavian immigration and settelment in Australia befor WW II. C2
By Olavi Koivukangas, institute for Migration Turku Finland 1974

Scandinavian emmigration to Australia and New Zealand project. C7
By Olavi Koivukangas, institute for Migration Turku Finland 1984

Literature about Norwegians in New Zealand:

Under Sydkorset
by Torbj�rn Tjernsberg. (new)
ISBN 8291352216
Trysil Forlaget Phone 47 62456020

OBS. You have to be a DIS O/A member to get in.

Literature about Scandinavians in Canada:

From Fjord to Frontier: A History of the Norwegians in Canada" Author: Gulbrand Loken. Pub: Toronto McClelland and Stewart, cop. 1980 VIII, 264 pages. in association with the Multiculturalism Directorate, Department of the Secretary of State and the Canadian Government Publishing Centre, Supply and Services Canada. Series: Generations, a history of Canada's people. ISBN: 0771053312 Tittelnr. Deichman 0405135.

Genealogy desk the National Archives. About Norwegian immigrants to Canada in 1927 the genealogy consultant referred me to a file entitled *Movement of 500 Norwegian families to settle in colonies in Canada under the Canadian Pacific Railway (lists photos)1926-28*. It is listed as RG 76,Vol.297, File 273271 and is on Microfilm C-7846.

"Tracing Your Ancestors in Canada"
National Archives of Canada 395 Wellington Street Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3

Arcola-Kisbey golden heritage: Mountain hills to prairie flats. Arcola, Sask.:Arcola Kisbey History Book Committe c. 1987 Format: 860 p., maps, ports. Includes family histories and index. ISBN 0-88925-729-9


Nordm�nd jorden rundt. H. Aschehoug & Co., W. Nygaard. Kristiania 1924. Ludv. Saxe

Letters and Papers by Colden, Cadwallader New York He was married to Alice Chrystie, sister of Andrew Chrystie i Moss og David Chrystie i Brevik, Norway. [Brev] Letters and papers . - Repr. - New York , 1973 - 9 b. : ill. - (Collections / New York Historical Society) (The John Watts De Peyster publication fund series) First published 1918-37. UB on Solliplass, Oslo has all 9 books. 9 books, 4500 pages, letter from year 1700 +. ISBN 0-404-01690-1


Stamtavler over familierne Hauberg og Arboe. Samlede og udgivne 
af Jul.Bidstrup. K�benhavn 1911.

En l�rd families liv og livsvilk�r, i det sekstende 
og syttende aarhundrede. Af H.Jacob�us. K�benhavn 1931.

Personalhistorisk Tidsskrift 97.�rgang, 16. r�kke, 5. bind,
1977. Side 135 - 158.

Vejle bys historie. Red.: C.V.Petersen. Vejle 1927.

Biskop Jacob Madsens visitatsbog 1588 - 1604,  
ved Jens Rasmussen og Anne Riising. Historisk Samfund for Fyns Stift.
Odense 1995.

J.Vahl: Sl�gtebog over afkommet efter Christjern Nielsen, 
borgmester i Varde.
K�benhavn. Wilhelm Priors Hof - Boghandel og Gr�bes Bogtrykkeri 1879-86.

Dansk Biografisk Leksikon, 3.udgave 1984, bind 15, side 381-82:
Om Jacob Madsen Vejle. Mange litteraturhenvisninger.

Dansk Biografisk Leksikon, 3.udgave 1979-84: Mange personalhistoriske
artikler om dine forf�dre i de 16 bind, med mange litteraturhenvisninger.

Solems page about emigrantships

Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals
By Morton Allan. Originally published: New York, 1931.
Reprinted: Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc. Baltimore 1979-1993.
ISBN: 0-8063-08830-3 

SHIPS, SAILORS AND THE SEA,  (Timelines) by Richard Humble, Franklin Watts,
1991.  The diagrams portray the below deck steerage living area, cattle,
poultry and sheep pens and all the other storage areas of the ship's hold.

SHIPS OF OUR ANCESTORS, by Michael J. Anuta, Baltimore MD; Genealogical
Publishing Co., repr. 1993, Menominee (MI):  Ships of Our Ancestors, Inc.,
1983; covers 900 ships that transported immigrants 1860-1959.

THEY CAME IN SHIPS, by John P. Colleta, PhD. (I have this book.  It is a
guide to finding your immigrant ancestor's arrival record and contains a
bibliography of sources about ships.)

SEAFARING WOMAN by Linda Grant DePaw, Boston; Houghton Mifflin, 1982.

PASSENGER LINERS FROM GERMANY, 1816-1900.  Available through the library of
the Immigrant Genealogical Society, PO Box 7369, Burbank, CA 91510-7369
(July 1994).

MERCHANT SHIPS;  WORLD BUILT by John DeGraff, Inc. and George G. Harrap &
Co. Limited.  New York:  John DeGraff, Inc. 1955.  Includes vessels of
10000 tons gross and over and built by 1954.

PASSENGERS AND SHIPS PRIOR TO 1684 by Walter L. Shepherd, Jr., repr. 1970. 
Includes New Jersey and Pennsylvania bound passengers.  Available from
Heritage Books, Bowie MD.

WOMAN OF THE SEA by Edward Rowe Snow.  New York 1962.

W. Steuart.  Bountiful UT, Precision Indexing, 1991.

DUTCH AND GERMAN IMMIGRANT SHIPS 1846-1856.  A periodical from the Dutch
Family Heritage Society, Vol. 2, No. 2 (1989) 2463 Lodgewood Dr., West
Jordan, UT 84084-5738.

Archives, Museums, Societies and Libraries which have further information
on passenger ships:

Algemeen Rijksarchief, PR.  W. Alexander.  Hof 20, the Hague, Netherlands. 
This archive has books and papers from the Dutch East and West India

Baltimore Maritime Museum, Baltimore MD.

Beverly Historical Society and Museum, Beverly, MA

California Historical Society, 1120 Old Mill RD., San Marino, CA  91108.

California State Library, 914 Capitol Mall, PO Box 942837, Sacramento, CA 

California State Library - Sutro Library, 480 Winston Dr., San Francisco CA

Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons MD.

Cape Ann Historical Association, Gloucester, MA.

Chicago Maritime Museum, Chicago IL.

Cumberland County Historical Society, Greenwich NJ.

Custom House Maritime Museum of Newburyport, Newburyport MA.

East Hampton Town Marine Museum, E. Hampton NY.

Essex Shipbuilding Museum, 28 Main St., Essex MA

Huntington Beach Central Library, 7111 Talbert Ave. Huntington Beach, CA

Library of Michigan, 717 West Allegan, PO Box 3007, Lansing MI 48909.

Marine Museum of Fall River, Inc., 70 Water St., Fall River MA.

Maritime Center at Norwalk, 10 N. Water St., Norwalk CT.

Merseyside Maritime Museum

Michigan Maritime Museum, South Haven MI.

Municipal Archives, Gemeentelijke Archiefdienst, Amsteldijk 67,  1074 AZ
Amsterdam, Netherlands.  This archives is the repository for early notorial
and business records of Amersterdam.

Museum of Yarmouth History, PO Box 107 Main ST., Yarmouth ME 04109.

Nantucket Historical Association, Nantucket MA.

North Carolina Maritime Museum, 315 Front St., Beaufort, NC.

San Diego Maritime Museum, 1492 N. Harbor Dr., San Diego CA.

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, 503 E. River St., Savannah GA.

Stephen Phillips Memorial Library, Penobscot Marine Museum, P.O. 498,
Church St., Searsport ME 04974.  Includes a library of 5000 texts on marine
history and fiction as well as private papers and ship logs, related to
coastal Maine and especially to Penobscot Bay.

Texas Maritime Museum, Rockport TX.

Ventura County Maritime Museum, Inc. 2731 S. Victoria Ave., Channel Island
Harbor, Oxnard CA.

Virginia Beach Maritime Historical Museum, 20th and Atlantic Ave., Virginia
Beach VA.

Waterman's Museum, Yorktown VA.

Whaling Museum Society, Inc., Cold Spring Harbor NY.

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Literature and books about genealogy and Scandinavians in:
Australia and New Zealand, Canada,Denmark, England, Norway
and The Royal Air Force

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