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Been referred to your site as a result of questioning a photo of a pilot ww2 standing beside the left wing of a Hawker Typhoon loaded with rockets. And much to my surprise the pilot shown is D. Murray who happened to be named CO. of 137 squadron immediately upon my completion of my tour with 137. I had seen other photos of him sent to me by fellow members of 137. What a small world at times.
John Colton.
Dear Sir
I have only just discovered your wesbite with reference to Flt Lt Pope,viz

Ray DG Pope was married to my late Father's cousin, from whom I have just heard that Ray passed-away in May 2004 of cancer. Sorry to be the bearer of such news at this time of year. Ray Pope was a Top Bloke and great friends with my late father Sqn Ldr Ralph Worzencraft, who died in 1996, late of 57 Sqn Bomber Command, RAF Honnington. His Victor V-bomber is now at RAF Duxford (see attached)

I enjoyed looking at the photos on your webpage

Have a Good Christmas

Yours faithfully

John Worzencraft

Sqn. 26 badge in color needed. please mail me. Vidar


From: [] 4. august 2000 14:05

Congratulations on your exhaustive research into 26 - I had no idea such information existed. As a matter of chronological detail however, you may like to know that my flying logbook confirms that, when I joined the Squadron in August 1946, it was already equipped with Temp 2s and commanded by S/L Ambrose, who was still CO when I was posted in May 1947. I was delighted to see the illustration of PR685, which I flew on 2 Sept 1946, and apparently had some sort of problem with the u/carriage !

A tragic day for 26 sqn
2nd July 1944
On this day 2 pairs of Spitfire Vb's of 'B' flt took off from Lee-on-Solent on a training pairs and deflection exercise,
The first pair consisted of F/L Harold William Adams RAF(VR) 118559 age 23 from Belfast,NI in Spitfire W3314 and F/L Bernard Lees GM RAF(VR) 125534 age 26 from Norwich in Spitfire AA850. The second pair followed being F/Sgt John Geoffrey Lawrence Hughes RAF(VR) 948182 age 22 from East Hazeldean in Spitfire BL638 and F/L John Geoffrey Bertram Hartley RAF 44134.
The first pair engaged F/Sgt Hughes in an unauthorised attack who along with F/L Hartley turned to port, but W3314 and AA850 collided with BL638.
F/L Hartley witnessed an a/c going down with part of its wing missing and two more a/c burning on the ground. All three pilots were killed and their Spitfires burnt out (Cat E) near Old Alresford,Hampshire.
The subsequent inquiry found that a general state of bad flying discipline was the cause but F/Sgt Hughes was cleared of all blame.
So ended a sad episode in the story of 26 sqn.
If anyone can add anything to these events I would be most grateful.
Roy Nixon


New 28 nov. 2003
I have found that F/O RF Wilcock was KIA when shot down in Spitfire EE744 on 26 sqn on 7-6-44. F/O A Griffiths in Spitfire AB240 was hit by flak and force landed safely at Noirey-en-Bessin on 13-6-44 and on 23-6-44 was shot down by the Luftwaffe in Spitfire P8561 near Caen and taken POW. On the same day F/L EK Heywood in Spitfire AB961 was shot down by a fighter near Criquerville and killed.

Des 2003

Hi there again.
I have just received a letter in the post from Mrs Nancy Griffiths who told me that Air Vice Marshall Arthur Griffiths died earlier this year. She asked me if I would pass the sad news on to you.
She kindly looked at his logbook and found that on 24th April 1944 he flew Spitfire W3314 from Ayr to Hutton Cranswick when the sqn was moving south in preparations for D_Day. 

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