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Published on 6 of June 2004 on the 60 year anniversary of the D-DAY.
I was so lucky to find Douglas Murray's Pilot flying log book at the The Aircraft Collection of the Norwegian Armed Forces

The log gives good record of his fights and whereabouts.
Record of service.

Bowler hat please!


He did put cartoons into his log.

More cartoons
The war ended, and Doglas writes "Bowler hat please!"    

The war has ended and he wants his bowler....
Honurs and awards: Distinguished Flying Cross 12 March 1943  The British, Commonwalth & Polish Air Service Personnel Archive: Douglas Murray The citation for Flying Officer Douglas Murray's Distinguished Flying Cross was published in Flight magazine on 15 April 1943: "F/O. D. MURRAY, R.A.F.V.R., No. 26 Sqn. - This officer has displayed the utmost keenness for operational flying and has taken part in many reconnaissance flights. On two occasions the aircraft in which he was flying has been badly damaged by anti-aircraft fire, but each time owing to his resourcefulness and determination he has successfully flown back to this country. In January, 1943, F/O. Murray penetrated deep into Northern France, and despite intense fire from the defences, inflicted much damage on enemy transport and caused casualties to German infantry. He has also secured some excellent photographs taken at low level in the face of enemy fire." At the time No. 26 Squadron was flying Mustang aircraft on tactical reconnaissance and day intruder missions.


    Record of Service        
Unit Dates   Unit Dates   Aircraft URL - Link
From To   From To    
Former logbook lost 24.02.1943            
No. 2 I.T.W. (Cambridge) May 1941       Tiger Moth
No. 19 E.R.T.S. (Sealand) July 1941       Leopard Moth
No. 8 S.F.T.S. (Montrose) sep.41 feb.42       Stinson
No. 41 O.T.U (O/Sarum) March 1942       Master I ?
26 Squadron RAF apr.42 1942       Master II ?
Do. 1 Gatwick   1942       Master III ?
Do. 2 Detling   1942       Hurricane I
(Det.) Ballyhalbert   1942       Hurricane II
Do. 3 Chuch Fenton   19.01.1944       Lysander
No. 2 F.I.S.(Montrose) 19.01.1944 23.02.1944       Tomahawk
No. 8 A.G.S (Evanton) 23.02.1944 10.08.1944       Mustang
No. 83 G.S.U. (Bognor) 11.08.1944         Battle
No. 3 T.E.U. (A. Down)   04.09.1944       Proctor
181 Squadron (T.A.F.) 04.09.1944         Harvard
1. Brussels           Oxford
2. (Eindhoven)   04.12.1944       Vega Gull
182 Squadron (T.A.F) 05.12.1944 29.03.1945       Martinet
137 Squadron (T.A.F.) 29.03.1945         Anson
B.A.S.  04.11.1946         Magister
          Feisler St. Ch
Other aircrafts listed as flown:          Buckner ?
AERODROMES LANDED AT: (*runways)          
Acklington   Longman          
Aston Down*   Lossimouth          
Athens* (H)   Lubeck* B. 158        
B. 60 (Brusselles)   Lunburg B156        
Ballyhalbert*   Madley*          
Bari XI   Malta*          
Bashwrch   Manston          
Bayeux*   Marseille* (M)        
Blackbushe*   Martlesham Heath        
Bognor Regis   Melsbroek* (Brussells)        
Bordeaux*   Merston          
Boscomb Down   Mill* B. 89          
Brackla   Montrose          
Catfoss*   Nantes*          
Chuch Fenton*   Northolt*          
Coltishall   O. Sarum          
Copenhagen* B. 180   Oatlands Hill          
Cosford   Odinam          
Croydon   ouston*          
Dalcross*   Pembrey*          
Detling   Peterborugh          
Doncaster   Poix          
Dorce*   Red Barn (A.L.G.)        
Dunsfold*   Redhill          
Duxford   Reine* B. 112        
E. Manton (A.L.G.)   Rerminstone*        
Eastleigh   Rome XI ©          
Edzbul   Sawbury          
Eindhoven (Holland)   Schleswig*          
Enschede* B.106   Sealand          
Evanton   Slowgn          
Fairoake   Snailwell          
Farnboro*   Stoney Cross*        
Flensburg*   Stormy Down        
Friston   Stracathro          
Gatwick   Tain*          
Glisy* (Amiens)   Tangmere*          
Grantham   Ternhill*          
Hanover B. 120   Thorney Island        
Hatson (Orkney)*   Turnhouse          
Hawarden*   Vaerlose          
Helmond* (B86)   Volkel*          
High Ercall*   Vost* B. 102          
Hurn*   Warmwell          
Husum B. 172   wellingore          
Hutton Cranswick*   West Down          
Izmir XI   west Hampnett        
Kidlinston   WestonLovland        
Kinnel*   White Waltnam        
Kucknall   wick*          
Le Bourget*   Worthy Down        
Le Touquet I   Yeovil          

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