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Joan Mundell epost:

Date: 01.01.05 Time: 06:01:27

Looking for any information on James Patterson Mundell and Janet Logan Mundell arrived New Zealand about 1862 or 1863.

 Alf Richard Bjercke epost: land: Norway

Date: 27.12.04 Time: 13:49:52

Er i forbindelse med Mike Wilson i AAustralia som skrev til meg igår. Leter etter den rette Rasmus Rigelsens bakgrunn Sønn Peder f.1790 kanonèr i Marinen.
Faren kgl. seilmaker i Stavern Rasmus.
Det er åpenbart også en Rasmus f.1796 gm Anne Kirstine -
Kjenner godt orlkpt Stoermann Næss.
Beste hilsen Alf R. Bjercke

(Red anm. skal hilse svigerfar, han feierer julen i Bergen.
Hilsen Vidar Holum)

David Gabbie epost:
land: Northern Ireland, UK

Date: 09.12.04
Time: 00:53:02

I was reading your pages on 26 Sqdn and the Pilots Long Book. I was interested in the Ballyhalbert references.

This is an excellent website which I shall pass onto others.

I am researching the history of Ballyhalbert Village, a large of which will involve the Second World war airfield which is home to a caravan site and part of which now sadly being dug up for a Park Homes site.

If anyone has any infromation on ballyhalbert please feel free to email me. All information will be greatly appreciated.

Trond Øivindson Lunde epost: land: Oslo

Date: 07.12.04 Time: 21:45:10

Arbeider med Eidsvoll. Har og søker slekter.


Kelle Trogstad epost:  land: USA

Date: 30.11.04 Time: 04:57:38

We are looking for information on Odd Steffen Trogstad. He moved to the U.S. in about 1928. He has a sister named Haldis and relatives named Arne & Narve Smestad. Arne and Narve are twins. Any info out there?

Pattie Ortman epost:

Date: 22.11.04 Time: 08:09:19


I am looking for Ortman from Hamburg, Germany. I don't know where to begin. If anyone could help me with this search please contact me at

Thank you

Og svaret kom promte takket være hjelp fra Disforum

Fra: Jane Østnes Hansen []
Sendt: 18. november 2004 11:13
Til: Vidar Holum
Emne: SV: [DISforum] Kan noen hjelpe Kai Emil i Australia

Fant denne i telefonkatalogen, søkte også i skattelistene, han er født i 1917.
Kanskje han har noe informasjon.

Fritz R Steimler
Frydenbøv. 9, 5161 Laksevåg
Tlf: 55 34 50 20

Mvh Jane Østnes Hansen

Kai Emil Roland  epost:  land: Australia
Date: 18.11.04  Time: 03:56:00
Jeg er interessert i om noen kjenner navnet Finn Steimler. Hans
födselsdato er ukjent men jeg regner med rundt 1910-1920.
Jeg er interessert pga helsemessige problemer.
Selv er jeg födt på Josefinegatens Klini9kk i Oslo 20 mars 1933. Min
mor var ugift og het Ragnhils Cecilie Hansen, f. Shanghai, Kina 26
februar 1912.
 Kai Roland

Elizabeth Smith epost: land: Australia
Date: 05.11.04 Time: 05:56:34

I am looking for Alfred Peterson born 1856/1857 Oland Sweden. Father Peter Peterson Mother Hannah Peterson.

Alfred died 1947 in Melbourne Victoria aged 89.

Naturalised in Australia 1889. Supposedly arrived from New Zealand 6 months earlier.

Family story was he jumped ship in Newcastle NSW.

Alfred had a sister who migrated to America. She sent a photo of her and child from Chicago. I do not know her name.

My father says the Alfred talked of skating to the mainland in winter.

I cannot find any records here that give his date of birth so finding his parish is my only hope.


annette  lascko  epost: land: usa
Date: 21.10.04 Time: 20:41:02

I am looking for relatives to Andrew Lascko. He was in the military for a short period of time and stationed in New Zealand. Here he met a woman whom he married. She became with child and Andrew decided he wanted to come back home. A divorce was his way out. I have recieved a letter from what would be Andrews grandaughter, her name is Rachel Jordan, her mothers name is Diane (this would have been the unborn child's name. I have lost contact with Rachel Jordan. Her last known address was Redmonds Road Kimberley Darfield, R.D. Canterbury New Zealand. Any help would be appreciated.
My husband is a son of Andrew.

Mike Wilson epost: land: Australia
Date: 16.10.04 Time: 17:06:13


I see from the www the Vidar Holum is looking for info on the Hesselbergs who were on the Debroa 1879 Norge mission to the Indian Ocean

We to are interested as maren Hesselberg (Rigelsen) is the sister of one of our GGG grandfathers

Hoping to hear soon

Mike & Steph Wilson


Berit Sandviken epost: land: Norge

Date: 11.10.04


Hei! Leiter etter min manns ukjente bestefar Anton Arnesen Smestadmoen Fåberg f. 1877. Slik står han oppført som far til "uekte" sønn Torstein Sandviken f. 1108 1900 i Lom. Han er da umulig å finne igjen, hvis fødselsår er rett. Aner ikke noe om ham, men kanskje finnes det etterslekt som kan hjelpe oss? Takknemmelig for tips/kontakt



Ben  Veralrud epost: land: USA

Date: 28.09.04

I am a relative of the Veralrud's. If you are a relative of mine, write me at

Paul  Rudh  epost: land: USA

Date: 01.10.04

Looking for information West Ruud Farm, near Jevnaker, Hadeland Norway

Paul Williams epost: land: Australia

Date: 24.09.04

I am looking for information on my relatives from Germany. Claus Sticken who was married to Anna Krusa (Kruse)came to Australia in 1866 with 2 of his sons and their families. Sons were Detleif Sticken married to Weibke Ramm and Heinrich Sticken married to Wilhelmine Oland. On the voyage over detlief and his wife Weibke died as did their children. The passenger lists shows the family as coming from Schieswig Holtein Germany. Heinrich is listed as coming from Nordhastedt and Wilhelmine is listed as being born in Hasdtedt. Interestingly on Claus listed his nationality as Danish on his naturalisation papers here in Australia not as German. I know nothing of the family before they came to Australia, I dont know whether to look in the Danish or German records as I know there was much conflict over who governed this area the Germans or the Danes. Could someone point me in the right direction.

Thanks Paul Williams

Olavi Alakajula epost: land: Finland

I'm looking for information on Klas Petter Alakarjula, who mowed to America in 1882,but I don't know where He was born on the 7th of Nowember 1860 in Sievi Finland place was called Kiiskilan kyla or Karjulanmaki He had german wife and they had children,and they've had agirl who was said to have played the piano He propably worked in mine His father was Pekka Pekanpoika (Peher Pehersson) his motherwas Maija Stiina Joosepintytär maiden name Polvi.When she was born she had the last name Kopakkala He didn't change his name it would have been known here as well, since there has been correspondence between the years 1882 and 1907. According to a legend, he presented himself as Swedish.

Lorna  Coats epost:  land: USA

Date: 21.09.04 Time: 19:43:39

I am looking for the my Tveter family. Their father was Axel Andersen Tveiter born December 1751 in Stua tveiter, Fet Akershus. Axel died in April 23, 1809, he was 58. He married Kari Baardsdatter Teien on December 27, 1774. Kari was born 1754 and christening on September 29, 1754 Fet, Akershus, she died June 8, 1809. Their children: Anders Akselsen (Axelsen) born Dec. 1775, christening on April 29, 1776, he died April 23, 1842. He was a national soldier in 1801 census. He married Anne Nilsdatter on January 10, 1810, Annes' parents Nils Thorersen and Martha Olsen. Need help to find their children. Thank you for your help.


epost: land: USA

Date: 25.08.04
Time: 23:25:16




Graham Rose Australia

Date: 05.08.04 Time: 08:57:07

Decendant of Frederick Rose, arrived in Maryborough 18th Jan 1877 aboard "Lammershagen"
Email address:

Sigrid Geiger epost: land: USA

Date: 21.07.04

I am going to be in Norway the first two weeks of August and would like to meet relatives whose great grandparents were Alfred and Karoline Amundsen -- in Kristiania -- they had I believe 12 children -- my grandfather was Johannes -his twin was Jakob-- my grandfather married Sigrid Astrand and later went to America. If you know anything about this family -- please contact me.

Vidars comment, not much to go on.

Can I add that Alfred Amundsen was born in 1857 in Moss and Johannes and Joakob were born in 1889 in Honefoss.  My grandfather Johannes came to America in about 1912.
Does that help?


gloria lynch epost: england

Date: 04.07.04

Hello, I understand my ancestors travelled on the Lammershagen from Germany to New Zealand 1875. Kulling is their surname but I seem unable to find them on the passenger lists.
Can anybody point me in the right direction please?

Francesco matozza land: argentina url: http://
Date: 14.06.04

En esta pagina encontrará información sobre ciudadanía italiana, notas y datos de utilidad para los argentinos residentes en el exterior, ciudadanías de los nuevos miembros de la Unión Europea, visas, bolsa de trabajo, genealogía, búsqueda de partidas, legislación vigente, leyes, decretos y circulares (italianas), registros civiles, pensiones, asistencia social, patronatos, embajadas y consulado, atto d assenso, attestato de no renuncia, ciudadania para hijos de madre italiana nacidos antes de 1948 via judicial, traducciones. La pagina es en castellano Dr FRancesco Matozza web editor

lynne cassidy epost: land: scotland

Date: 10.06.04

Hi I am trying to trace an old friend from the late sixties-early 70s. his name was Tor but was known as tony, we flat shared in highgate, he was working in London for 2years, he came from stavangar and had a brother called karl, he tried to contact me a few years after returning to Norway but by the time I received the letter it was too late to reply, would appreciate any info, I think his surname was jensen he would be in his late 50s early 60s by now, many thanks.

Dale Christensen epost: land: Australia

Date: 07.06.04

My Great Great Grandparents sailed to Australia in 1872 on board the Lammershagen.Their names were Christen and Anne Christensen.I am still trying to find out exactly where they came from-I think Denmark.I know their history from the time they landed in Australia,but not before.I would appreciate any help.Thank-you.

Kjell  Undbekken epost: land: Norway

Søker opplysninger om Sina Martinsdatter og henne familie i Canada.Hun var gift med Peter Peterson Jeg vet at hun hadde barn men ikke mer.
Sina utvandret ca 1902 med kurs Dakota.


Mike Wilson epost: land: Australia
Famileies: Rieglsen - Rigelsen, Hanssen, Jenssen Norway, Hartmann (Iowa, USA

Originating in Tonsberg (Sem, Horton, Stavern) Vestfold Norway.

The family starts with Rasmus Riegelsen b ~1790 son of Peder Ugelsen 1801 census (Ri(e)gelsen elsehere like (of Kopenhagen, Denmark) arrival in Norway ~1800.

Sons Ludvig Ferdinand & Hans Christian both ships captains in 1860's and have families.

Uncle Peter Riegelsen (or father?) captain of the danish ship Louise Augusata base in Norway 1802.

Lots of decendants but records at 1901 cencus show only a few Rigelsens are left in Norway

Rasmus other children Charlotte Amalie, Cecelie Natalia & Andrea (& possibly Lovise) born in Tonsberg.

Greatgrand-daughter Charlotte Amalie Hartmann (daughter of Pastoer Hagbart hartmannn) born in Lansing Iowa, marries there in 1915, and this is most recent (in time) record found.

Here Oscar Severin b 1860 (son of LFR) and a sailor who jumped ship in Australia started a family in Adelide SA in 1890.

Any ideas or help welcome.


Joan Lee epost: land: USA

Date: 07.05.04 Time: 00:05:43

Researching husbands Norwegian family. John Olsen and Marie Hagensdatter "Hagen" Olsen and they took the "LEE" name in 1876 when in Minnesota. Farm names I have found are "Fjelhougsten and Fjorkenstad". Johan was born in June 22, 1848 place Ekornrud, Oppegaard, Akershus, Norway. His parents were Ole Jacobsen and Karen Gurine Eriksdatter. Marie was born 25 August 1851 place Oppegaard, Ostre Toten, Oppland, Norway. They had one son, Olaf, born Dec 1972, before they came to America in 1873 or 1874. IWe want to visit Norway, but need to find family first. Any help, please contact me at

Pamela Barnbrook

epost: land: Australia url:

Date: 02.05.04

Have just found your site - am trying to find information on my g.grandfather William Carl Hansen from Fredrikstad Norway. He was born about 1857 his father may have been Hovel Hansen and mother Ingeborg. William married my g.grandmother in Adelaide South Australia 1882. Family story is that he 'jumped ship' in Adelaide (he was a mariner). Their children were named Norman Hovel, Lilian Florabel, Ove Carl John, Henrietta Ann Katrine, Hilda Ingaborg - these names may help.

Rosemary Munro land: USA

I'm looking for relatives in Scotland, last name Munro, in Edinburgh, and Ross in Arquay Rothschire s.i.c. My grandfather was Hugh Munro, born around early 1880's, and migrated to the USA around 1903, he had 11 brothers and sisters, who also were born in Edinburgh.

Line Holtan epost: land: Norge

Hei. Lardal?? Fevang?? Jeg Leter etter forfedrene til Ellen Andrea Holtan. Vet ikke når hun ble født, hun fikk sønnen Jacob Holtan år 1890 utenfor ekteskap med Olaf Christian Røssholt fra Lardal. Ellen Andrea Holtan giftet seg senere med Kristian Bjørnerud Andresen fra Sandefjord. De bosatte seg på Fevangog fikk tre barn sammen; Sigurd, Arthur og Magnus. Jeg er oldebarnet til Jacob Holtan, Ellen Andrea Holtans førstefødte. Håper på hjelp!!

John Heppner epost: 1365 belford rd. Reno, Nv. 89509 u. s.

My father Jan wullum's family comes from norway. They were norwegian fishermen who
came to america and settled in Seattle wa. I don't know my family history except of this.
My father Jan lives in Seattle right now. Is there any way to find out my family tree.

Hello John.
You give us little to go on.
Places, years and other info?
Try to fill in this form:

+ first event, birth or marriage in US, do you have certificates for that?
Can give you good directions and for us to trace the roots



Mary Knight epost: New Zealand

Greetings, I belong to the European Group of the New Zealand Genealogist and we meet in Auckland, We are most interested in all the migration to

Australia and New Zealand from Scandinavian and

Germany and Russia.Do you have a newsletter and I will send you one of ours,

Regards, Mary Knight

Russell Sletmoen epost:  land:            USA

Date:            05.03.04 Time:            15:52:44

Hello: I am searching for my ancesters that came over from Norway in 1890 via McGregor, Ia.  My grandfather, Ola Olesen Sletmoen was born 3-28-1870 in Engerdal, Hedmark, Norway.  I'm trying to trace his travels to Becker County, Minn.  Russ


Renate Dammen


Searching for relatives of ANDERS TORSTENSEN. He emmigrated from Norway to Burns Twp, Anoka,Co,Minnesota somewhere between 1860-1890. He later took the name ANDREW THOMPSON. He was born in Dammen (Brandbu,Hadeland) in 1853 and married to BERTHA HENDRICKSEN (Grue,Norway).

Gabriela Hagen Argentine


Hello: my name is Gabriela Hagen, I live in Argentina . I need information About Register of the people in OSLO, I search information about Martin Hagen,born in 1867,Cristiania, today is OSLO, Norway. Son OLE EDUARD HAGEN and ANNE LARSEN. He married in Argentine with Josefine Biderbost in 1895.Thank you.My family tree is in :
Sorry , my english is very poor. 

Atte. Gabriela Hagen

firstname: Eloise(hyde) Surname: Mcgregor epost:
land: spain formerly england

Date:            22.02.04 Time:            17:27:51

I'm looking for info. about Harold Stuart Lowerison who would have been born about 1915 in new Brunswick. He qualified as a lawyer in 1937 and then came to UK and became a flt. the RAF during 1938-1945. Any ideas at all ? 

I would be very grateful . Eloise.

firstname: Marion Surname: CHRYSTIE epost:?????? land:  SCOTLAND

Date:            12.02.04 Time:            23:48:29

Dear Sir,
I am married into the Chrystie family.
A family of dentists who resided in varying parts of Scotland but who orginated from Paisely near Glasgow 

From Vidar:
Sorry that you did not leave your mailadress, so that we can contact you Marion

firstname: Vandenabeele Surname: guy
land: Belgium

Date: 12.02.04

Time: 18:06:16


Dear friends , I am searching for my grandfather Gaston Vandenabeele who is born in Belgium on 01 08 1880 and died at Walnut Creek California on 30 07 1944. His woman came back to Belgium between 1916 & 1918. So maybe my grandfather began a new relation and so my father coulh have half brothers of sisters in California. Its what I am looking for. Maybe they also could have children witch are of my generation. If they are alive , I want to meet them. If you could help me ???

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