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Tracey Knight epost: land: Australia

Date: 28.06.06 Time: 08:36:29

Hi I am searching for my ggggrandfather and his family.Comming to Australia aboard the Lammershagen 8 Jan 1873 as Ole Olsen NAESS,born Christina Norway abt 1838 to Olaf Amundson Naess @ Annie Christien/an or datter.
When Ole Olsen NAESS arrived in Australia,he may of changed his first names to William Olaf Naess,he married Grace Madeline KIDD of Spain they had 5 sons @ 1 daughter in Australia.Grace left William @ married a man last name Crane.

Look here you got help on DISforum:

ken benson epost: land: USA

Date: 09.06.06 Time: 04:27:25

It is good to see your page. I am interested in Hansen from Nedre Eiker and the Rygg Oseth farm, Oseth from the Ringi farm in Sandvika and her mother Mathilde Høvik.

My fathers family in from Helgeland in Nordland and I will go there to learn more. My grandfather on my fathers side was on the Thingvalla when she collided with the Geiger and another ship took him to Hoboken but I can find no records.


Hello Ken.

Se you In Oslo next week.


 Mary Regts epost: land: Australia

Date: 03.06.06 Time: 10:30:04

Greetings, My search begins with g grandfather Hans Christian Frandsen arrived Victoria AUS 1870, drowned in Yarra 1913. Born 1854 Haderslev Denmark; parents, Anders Christian Frandsen and Ann/e/a nee Nielsen/Nilsdatter or Nilsdatter. Hans married Mary Jane Kearney 1877, raised family of 4 sons and 4 daughters. Ships 'Petreb' and '?Hannah Dorothy?' Mariner and Stevedore.

Ebba Vágsheim epost: land: Føroyar

Date: 02.06.06 Time: 05:29:46


I'm searching for my relatives in Aberdeen.

They are descendants of Mikkjal Mikkelsen who left The Faroe Island late in the 19oo.

I do also seek my relatives in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England. Their surname is Leo.

DAVID  COOK epost: land: U.K.

Date: 17.05.06

Seeking descendents of Niels Borthig KLOED born 29/1/1851 in Christiana. He emigrated to Sunderland in the U.K and married Mary Jane Shotton March Quarter 1876 in Sunderland.

Jean Clifford epost: land: Australia

I am looking for info on Friedrich Luhrmann. He came to Australia around 1846 give or take a year or two. He was born in either 1826/27 . He supposedly jumped ship and ended up in South Australia. We are trying to find our roots in Germany. We don't know where he was born but stort's down the years were Prussia and the Baltic states.




I am travelling around USA to 1 June, reading mail, but not able to update pages.

My big task is to find the grave for my great grandfather in Pittsburgh.

Look here.....


06 of April 2006.

Eva Haugen epost: land: usa

Date: 13.04.06

Hello. my name is Eva Haugen and i am looking for my great grandmothers brother that came to America in ca 1922- His name was Karl Johansen, but he changed his name to Johnson and married Mamie Johnson . They lived in Camden New Jersey . I have a letter dated 1953 that Mamie wrote to fam. in Norway. Karl was born around 1875.
Trying to find fam after him. Know they had 2 sons.
Thank you

Svar henne direkte jeg er straks på tur.

More infro from Jena:

My name is Jena Hanke. I do have information on Erling Marin Nelson. He was born on Aug. 10th 1898, in Oslo Norway. Hanne Nilsen was his mother and Martin Nilsen was his father. He had two brothers, Ralf who was born abt. 1899 and his other brother was Gustaf. He was 5 when he arrived in the US. The ship he was on was the Noordland.

There is no rush to get some informaion. I would just like to find some of the other relatives or information. Thinks for your help and if there is any other informaion you may need just ask and i can see if i have it.


Jena Surname: ? epost: land: US

Date: 05.04.06 Time: 20:36:16

Would anyone have information about an Erling Nilsen. This is my greatgrandfather. I have his inspection card from when he came from Liverpool to Philidelphia on the ship Noordland. He left on May 27th

1903 and arrived on June 7th. If anyone would have any informaion please email me at Thanks for your help

Remarks from Vidar:
Your lastname?
How old was Erling when arriving US, was he married, if not do you have his marriagcertificate, or his citizenship papers, thos give name of parents.

Please do som homework :-)

Kimberly Hodge epost: land: USA

Date: 04.04.06 Time: 19:59:34

My grandmother (bestamor sp?) was Clara Christofferson. She was born in Wisconsin in 1894. Her mother was Ana , I'm not sure of her father's name. They came over to America from Oslo. Her father already had a son from his first marriage in Norway...son's name was Karl. He came too and lived in Munising later. I know my grandma's mother(DOB 11/23/1865) had a twin brother/sister? living in Oslo who ran an orphanage. Not sure of their surname. My Mom doesn't have any information for me and I'm very interested in finding out about my family in Norway. How do I go about this???

Thank you,


Maxine Nielsen epost: land: Untied States
Date: 19.03.06
Time: 18:27:13

I am looking for family of Hans Peter Anton Petersen born in Brylle, Danmark in about 1887 parents were Karen Marie Nielsen and Hans Christian Pedersen, Karen Marie grew up in Veflinge abd Brenerup, she is my fathers aunt, like to find family.


Been referred to your site as a result of quesgtioning a photo of a pilot ww2 standing beside the left wing of a Hawker Typhoon loaded with rockets.And much to my surprise the pilot shown is D.Murray who happened to be named CO.of 137 squadron immediatley upon my completion of my tour with 137.I had seen other photos of him sent to me by fellow members of 137.What a small world at times.
John Colton.

Anders Opdahl Norway

Date: 02.03.06 Time: 15:39:16

I am looking for Anders M. Opdahl's e mail address. He was a foreign exchange student from Norway to our family in 1996-7. We have lost contact with him and would like him to write us at

Curtis Holum epost: land: US

Date: 09.02.06 Time: 18:23:40

father Kenneth
G father Knute
GG Thor

My father speaks and sings Norse


New message:

My great grandfather Thor came from Sogn. My grandfather Knute was born in the US in 1886 ,in Spring Grove MN. My father is unsure when Thor arrived here. Thors wife was Karen. My father says, "Hilsen fra Flom, Mn."

carl christian schindler clausthal land: germany

Date: 10.02.06 Time: 07:05:51

I am trying to locate relatives of the above he was born around 23/6/1827.Left Bremenfor sth australia on the george washington 25/10/1848.anyone knowing any of his family especially his parents. I have no names for them at this stage.H e had a brother named heinrich christian schindler thanks for any info.
these are my great grandfather and great uncle Lorraine Lee


Date: 10.02.06 Time: 22:30:10

seeking info about my grandfather. SEVERT W Johnson, born10 Jan 1870 in Utsura.Rogaland,Norway

Look here:


epost:  he left no mail adress.
land: USA

Date: 26.01.06
Time: 20:13:04

I am searching for descendants of my cousin Wessel Lund born 1906 Came to Canada -Manitoba) 1928. Married Anne Gulleson, one known daughter -Lillian. They lived in Red Lake, Ont. He served in the Norwegian Merchant Marine during second world war. He was wounded, and spent some time in hospital. He died circa 1956.


MOENS LEOPOLDINA epost: land: belgium

Date: 26.01.06
Time: 12:13:01

hi ,
i am looking for someone of the RAF . probably an officer during WW2 bentley george,charles,claude,eustace, ernest,reginald, 14th comte du methley 6021 S.E RAF C/O BLA this is the information i have got from him. mrs moens leopoldina met him in brussels schaarbeek in 1945 they were in love but somehow they lost sight from each other. maybe you could help me. i have search for a long time and it look like he dissapeared from the surface of the earth. his age must been 90 if he is still alive. greetings. i hope you can help me.

Denver Bradley  Chrystie
land: South Africa

I am searching for any descendants anywhere in the world. All I know is that my grandfather was Wilfred Chrystie and he was not born in South Africa.

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