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Denver Bradley  Chrystie
land: South Africa

I am searching for any descendants anywhere in the world. All I know is that my grandfather was Wilfred Chrystie and he was not born in South Africa.

Wenche Else Örbeck epost:


Fra en natteravn til en annen:-)
Takk kjäre Vidar!
Jeg er Norsk og det er også Frank Hansen, glemte skrive det!!! Ush...sorry!
Jeg bor i Sverige og glemmer det iblandt da jeg er på nettet.

Date: 30.12.05 Time: 17:36:49

I am looking for my grandfathers Frank Hansen (b. 28 sept 1898) family in USA, Massachusetts. His daughters name is Florence and Hilda b. 1929-30, their mothers name is Anna M. b. 1899?I have tried all the regularly ways, but I am lost:-) Is there anyone who know about this family? Thank you for a great site and possibility!

Sorry, forgot to say Frank Hansen emigrated to Brookline in 1919 from Norway, Christiania.
His wife Anna M was Swedish and I don't know if they married in USA or in Scandinavia, I don't know her maiden name.
Happy New Year Greetings to you all from Wenche.

Jeg fant en på Digitalarkivet, men er usikker på om han er svensk, Wenche når dro han fra Sverige til Norge:

År Side Linjenr Ny Eksp.dato Reisedato Førenamn Etternamn Sivilstand Yrke Kjønn Fødd Heimstad Reisemål Linje Skip Løyve Merknad
245561 1919 24 24 1 05.12.1919 06.12.1919 Frank Hans. ug extramand m 19.08.1898 Vogtsgt. 25 New York Henriksen Bergensfj. Pas fra Kra. pkm
195786 Oslo 1907 17.08.07 23.08.07 Frank Hans. m ug b   21.04.97 Amerika New York   Fr. Lie Oscar 2den

Følg med her også:

ans  vanhees schey  epost: holland

Date: 30.12.05 Time: 13:03:38

I am loking for an old frend, we mad in holland in Nijmegen. his name is  Harald Rustad from Oslo.
He was here for studie ad  Friden in Berg en dal. Ihope jou can help me. thank jou.

Harald Rustad is born between 1945 and 1947 I think. We mad in 1969 in Nijmegen and he had a son named Paul.He was in Holland with a studie frend from sweden Ingemar.He was a computer programmer for contor automasion Lorefahret 1 in Oslo .I also have an old picture from him.

Ans van Hees Schey

Michelle Henriksen land: canada

Date: 30.12.05 Time: 09:39:38

debbie thank you

Michelle Henriksen

Vidar's comment, hope you all can meet in 2006, and that it will be a happy new year.

Ben Henriksen epost: land: USA

Date: 30.12.05
Time: 08:27:59

Hi Michelle Debbie and I are looking for you please reply.. Love Ben

Debbie Edvardsen
epost:  land: Denmark
Date: 23.12.05 Time: 18:10:15

To Michelle Henriksen
I can see that you are searching for me; Debbie Edvardsen and your dad; Ben Henriksen in Arizone.
I have tried to send you a mail but it comes back. You can write to me. I know your dads mail and I talk to him.

Love Debbie

jaimie steensen epost: land: USA

just looking for relatives or any info on the ancestry. Last Name Steensen- my grandfather was Pete Steensen, married to Elvira.


Elena Aleonar epost: land: Philippines


I am looking for my father named OLE CHRISTENSEN. He met my mother in 1950's in Butuan City Philippines because as what my mother told me, he is from Sweden and he came here in the Philippines with a group of engineers and they brought with them the machines responsible in producing plywoods. They settled min Nasipit, Butuan City. I even have his picture with me but I just don't know where to post it. Will somebody help me out there?

michelle  Henriksen epost: land: canada

Date: 18.09.05 Time: 20:56:37

I am looking for my dad Ben Henriksen from arizona he is 62 and my sister debbie Edvardsen from denmark.
If any one can help me please do so.
Michelle Henriksen


Diane McMahon epost: land: United States
Date: 11.08.05 Time: 01:56:39

Am looking for Pauline C Lien born abt.1859 in Norway. She married Olaf A. Rude (aka. Ole),also from Norway. He was born Abt. 1861. They were married in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin, USA on May 27, 1883. Don't know if these are their norwegian names. Have no idea where either of them came from. Have looked in the census records, and can't seem to find them. He died in Elk Mound Wisconsin in 1911 and she died in Minneapolis Minnesota USA. in 1932. Help would be appreciated.

Moerk Oefstaas

I am searching a Toten-family. They told that they were going to
America. But they have not been found anywhere neither in USA or
Canada. Does anyone know anything about:
Christian Jensen, Berg born 14.okt.1826, left 10. of April 1866 for
America according to the church-book, with his wife Christiane Olsdtr.
born 1819-1820, married 8.okt. 1845 and their children:
Helmine Jørgine Christiansdtr. b. 7.Mars 1949, Johan Nikolaus
Christiansen, b. 14.April 1852, Johanne Kraine Christiansdtr. b.
12.sept. 1855
Karoline Christiansdtr. b. 31. May 1865.
I hope for response on my e-mail.
Yours Turid Moerk Oefstaas

keri gregerson  Borgerson
epost: contact :
land: United States

Date: 12.07.05 Time: 05:14:41

Searching for descendants of Bertha Borgerson, she was born in 1859 in Norway. Bertha and her parents Immigrated in 1886, to North Dakota (Barnes County)She married Peter Gregerson (Peter Anderson) He was born in 1860 in Denmark, and immigrated to North Dakota with his father, Gregor Anderson born abt 1822 in Denmark, and info on these families would be greatly appreciated !!!

Loretta Gulbranson Ballavance
Quebec Cananda  or USA

I am looking for family of Peter Adolph Ballavance ,came to USA ,married Mary Elizabeth Verrill ,of Brainard ,Minnesota .Raised a family in Biwabik ,Minnesota ,,Peter was born in 1860 died in minnesota in 1938, the year i was born ,Family have said he was from Sandy Bay ,Cananda ,no results on a search ..Any info please

marian carlson rue evenson

Date: 12.06.05
Time: 22:13:33

looking for ancesters:SPANDE,LANDSVERK,SMEDAHL,families.

From Vidar:

But you left no mail adress, how can we helP?

iselin jotun epost: land: norway

hi!I am searching for decendants of karl duschinsky,Bayern, died 1959.
Maria Duschinsky,married to Franz Stiegler.In 1960 they lived in Germany.
Alex Duschinski,lived in Wien.He died after 1954..
Ernst Duschinski born 1890-1957,he lived in Berlin,he had one daughter hildegard and she had a son name manfred,born 1935-36.

F.Dushinski and E.Wegner from Eger i Bøhmen are this peoples parents.They also had one more son,Felix Dushinski and he is my great great grandfather.

Norman Lee
land: usa

Reference: Hans Pederson Holt

I don't know if this works but you can take a look.

I find a man aged 38 years in the 1900 US Census living in Minneapolis. His name is entered as Mans Holt, but the penmanship is terrible.

I also know of Holt's living in Hudson Wisconsin but I believe they come from western Norway.

If you want a pdf file for this entry send me a request off line.

Norm Lee


Yes Pleace, says Vidar,,,


Frank Paterson


Date:            09.05.05 Time:            12:27:23

Hi i am writting to see if you ever met my dad his name is dennis paterson i am just wondering if you did plz can you contact me at my email address
Thankyou so much and god bless


Sorry can not answer since you gave no mail adress.

Pamela  Torve epost: land: USA

Date: 05.05.05
Time: 02:38:32

am trying to find out about the Torve family. My grandfather Sivert Torve came to the US in the 1920's.
I know he came from Opdahl and that he had siblings who stayed in Norway.

Christie Hetland (Breiland) epost:
Date: 03.05.05 Time: 05:40:53

My great-grandparents were immigrants from Hjelmeland, Rogaland, Norway, I believe. we have postcards and photos of people with little to go on.
Grandfather's name was Nils Hetland and Grandmother's name was Karina Bjelland or Breiland. We found those names on a postcard and believe it could be one. They came to the States in 1918 to Ellis Island and settled in Central Iowa.
They sailed on the Bergensfjord. From the story my grandmother gives my great was pregnant when she boarded the ship. They later had 4 more children, but, grandfather was married twice before.
I believe he was born around 1880 and she was born around 1892 by process of subtraction from the dates they sailed. I have seen the manifest from the ship so I know dates are accurate. It would be nice to know the rest of the story when it comes to the 2 of them living in Norway. I would love to be able to tell my daughter some stories!!

Thank you for any information in advance!!
Christie Anderson

Eivind Gullich Holtan epost: Norway

Date: 11.04.05 Time: 13:36:39

I am searching for descendants of Adolph Olsen HOLUM and his wife Nathalie. These are my great grandparents. They are also great grandparents of DIANNE HOLUM, whom I am trying to get in touch with. On your message list from 1998, no 72 and 79, DIANE DECLIPPEL MILLER-HOLUM in California is working with the same family on almost the same thing. Can anybody help me get in touch with especially Dianne Holum? She visited my grandparents in Kristiansand Norway in the late sixties. I am going to spend my summer vacation in USA (east/central part) and hope to meet some Holum folks.

Adam Buchler epost: land: Germany
Date: 16.01.05 Time: 04:42:18

I am searching for ancestors from Hessen, Darmstadt, Germany who is related to Adam Buchler or Buechler and now Beechler surname in U.S.A. who was my g. grandfather.
Adam and his brother Michael Buchler left Germany around the years of 1850 to 1861. The sibling's mother's name was Jermma Schaeffer, Buchler. There are several Buchler's around the Rhineland area and believe them to be related. I would like to learn the name of the ship they sailed on and the port of departure from Germany to the port of entry in U. S. A. Thank you.

Alphild Drewe

Date: 08.01.05 Time: 06:59:35

I am searching for descendants of my cousin Wessel Lund born 1906 Came to Canada -Manitoba) 1928. Married Anne Gulleson, one known daughter -Lillian. They lived in Red Lake, Ont. He served in the Norwegian Merchant Marine during second world war. He was wounded, and spent some time in hospital. He died circa 1956.

Joan Mundell epost:

Date: 01.01.05 Time: 06:01:27

Looking for any information on James Patterson Mundell and Janet Logan Mundell arrived New Zealand about 1862 or 1863.

Gordon Agren epost: land: Canada

I like you site. My grandfather Nils August Agren was born in Elglund, Vasterbotten, Sweden in 1888 and left Anaset and sailed from Tyne Port, England on May 22, 1924, and landed at Quebec on 6 June, 1924 abord the Montrose. He then traveled on the rail road to Vancouver BC.
My father Folke Agren farmed at Wapella, Saskatchewan, maybe 50 miles north of Arcola.
We were in Sweden in 1999 (Overklinten where my grandmother was born, and my father still has first first cousins there)


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