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 Bernt Kristoffersen

Jefferson County

Flere Christofferson familie som dro?
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Searches that have lasted for 50 years.

Anker Ljungren

Hans Pedersen Holt

USA wanted.

June 2006 finaly from:
Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society
Dear Mr. Holum:

We received your membership application and your request for some research on your great-grandfather, Ben Christofferson.

Benjamin Christofferson lived at 209 McKinley Street, Pittsburgh and died on Saturday, June 17, 1939 at 3:40 a.m. He was the husband of the late Ragna Olson Christofferson and was in his 87th year. (86 years old). Buried at Circle Hill Cemetery, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

W have a copy of the newspaper obituary and copies of most of the papers from his probate record. He died without a will, but had a small sum of money in the bank. The only relative named was Olaf Haug, a nephew. The court said there were other relatives unknown to them. However, they did not look for the relatives, because Benjamin was insolvent (no money). All of the money in the bank went to the State of Pennsylvania, because they had been supporting him with an old-age pension and his bank account was used to pay the State.

 Thanks to
Suzanne M. Johnston

New nowember 2003

Punxsutawney USA wanted, and cencus Christiania / Oslo 1891 Norway.
I think more of the
Kristofersen/Christoferson family went to Punxsutawney.

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Who was Ragna? his wife from Trygstad in Østfold. 
Microfish Mini II 1 kort 9/11, 1892 side 273 no 16. Er noen kjent på Rudi?

Is this my Ragna leaving for Kristiania 23 april 1892 just some months before leaving for USA oct 1892.
Sorry looks like this is wrong she married and stayed i Trøgstad.

The mystery of my great grandfather:

Bernt Cornelius Kristofersen (Christofersen) born at Fjellhamar, Ullensaker 31.03.1854  (in Akershus Norway).

berntb.jpg (39118 bytes)

Copy from Ullensaker chuchbook 1854 (ministralbook) 1-15 card 2/7 page 53 no. 72. As you see LDS film is not of to good quality,
a lot of pages in this period is hard to read, this is a good page. Perhaps the book has been used much befor filming in the 1930's 
or the book was lying open in a sunny office.


berntconf.jpg (42517 bytes)

Copy from Ullensaker chuchbook 1869 (ministralbook) 1-16 card 2/7 page 263 no.61.

Bernt Kristoffersen, emigration-number.7100091, contract date 27/3-1884, worker 30 years, agent Elster, destination New York, ship Rollo, departure date 28/3-1884, PPD, T. Fasting.

berntu84.jpg (36072 bytes)

He came home on and went back again after 3 - 4 years: Bernt Kristoffersen, emigration-number.7410011, contract date 16/3-1888, worker 33 years, been to America for 4 years, agent Elster, destination Hautzdale Pen, ship Rollo, departure date 16/3-1884, ticketprice spd. 127, Americaner. He became a miner in USA .

berntu88.jpg (39297 bytes)

3th visit:
From emigrantprotocoll July 3 1891 agent Helgesen ship Montebello i found Bernt Kristoffersen and  Ragna 20 years (he was an Americaner) that have been to Minneapolis and Houtsdale before. Destination Punxsutawney, Borough of Jefferson, Pennsylvania.

Ta en titt på Montebello før avreise...

4 visit and now married, thanks to help from Laila:
Associated Passenger Date of Arrival Port of Departure Line # Page # 0641
Christoffersen, Ben August 09, 1921 Kristiania - Manifest for Stavangerfjord Sailing from Kristiania

Name Gender Age Married Ethnicity Place of Residence
0009. Christoffersen, Ben M 63y W Punxsuteivney, Pa.

Can this be the same family the years dont match exactly:

I this Ragna's first time as married to Bernt-Ben-Benjamin

Digitalarkivet: Emigranter fra Oslo 1867-1930 
  Havn Nummer År Måned Dag Fornavn Etternavn Kjønn Stand Yrke Alder Bopel Bestemmelsessted Merknad Utlendinger Frakt Linje
111139 Oslo 2769 1895 Aug. 09 Ragna Kristoffersen f G   30 Trygstad Punxsentowacy 334 Norge 80 - Angelo
93686 Oslo 5948 1892 Okt. 28 Renie Kristoffersen f G     26 Amerika. Punxsutawney 1644 U.s.a. Spd.- Ange
133874 1899 133 13 1 06.04.1899 07.04.1899 Ragna Christoffers. g     k 31 Amerika Punxsutawney Pa. Elster Montebello 127         Avgift: 0,50
140751 1902 99 17 1 26.02.1902 28.02.1902 Ragna Kristoffers. g   k 35 Amerika Pensylvanien Rasch Angelo 141   Amerikanerinde      

It was a lot of pepole traveling to the same place?? Also a Norbek?? hmmm

Digitalarkivet: Emigranter fra Oslo 1867-1930

  Havn Nummer År Måned Dag Fornavn Etternavn Kjønn Stand Yrke Alder Bopel Bestemmelsessted Merknad Utlendinger Frakt Linje
98418 Oslo 9383 1893 Aug. 18 Albert Norbek m u Arb 24 Amerika Puxutowney 2826 U.s.a. Spd.- Montebello
98421 Oslo 9386 1893 Aug. 18 Herman Amundsen m u Arb 20 Ullensaker Punxsutawney 2829 Norge 437.- Montebello
98422 Oslo 9387 1893 Aug. 18 Hanna Amundsen f G   27 Trygstad Punxsutawney 2830 Norge 437.- Montebello
98423 Oslo 9388 1893 Aug. 18 Hans Amundsen m u   4 Trygstad Punxsutawney 2831 Norge 437.- Montebello
98424 Oslo 9389 1893 Aug. 18 Ole Amundsen m u   2 Trygstad Punxsutawney 2832 Norge 437.- Montebello
98425 Oslo 9390 1893 Aug. 18 Johanne Amundsen f u   11 Trygstad Punxsutawney 2833 Norge 437.- Montebello

101361 Oslo 1031 1893 Mars 12 Axel Kristoffersen m G Filhugger 26 Kr.a. Punxsulawney 1033 Norge Spd.- Angelo
100808 Oslo 0484 1893 Feb. 18 Wilhelm Kristoffersen m u Sømd. 18 Kr.a. Punxstetway 480 Norge. 145.- Angelo
Finally I did fin his Petition for Naturalization. 8 april 1892.
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Ellers har jeg et lite forum her hvis du har opplysninger å bidra med: Slektsforum... 
På forhånd tusen takk. :-)

christo1.JPG (86621 bytes)

Full text here..

christo2.JPG (36590 bytes)

I got this helpfull message:
You now have all three Christofferson obituaries that we have at the museum.

Thank you Marc

I have also found them, again thanks to Laila in census 1920 Pensylvania, Roll1351 Book 2 page 191 no 95 an96.

But need help to copy that info. Wher did they marry? Norway or Usa?

And his cousin:
Karl Norbek , emgration-number.7400081, contract date 27/5-1887, seamand 20 years, agent Blickfeldt, destination New York, ship Rollo, departure date 27/5-1887, PPD, Patent. He became a famous Norwegian circus director and was called Norway's strongest man.

Moved from Ullensaker to Amerika, se Ullensaker chuchbook (utflytting) Mini 19 card 5/6 page 226 no. 8. May 24 - 1887. Born 1867. 

carl.jpg (17839 bytes)

A statue on Jessheim of Carl, Vidar to the right, Christian and farfar Hans to the left.

I'am looking for records of their movment in USA an their family..

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Searches that have lasted for 50 years.
Hans Pedersen Holt
Bernt Kristoffersen
Anker Ljungren

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