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Need help to find more info in this 2 pictures

1.	 Matthew Ormston .
 Brassfinisher (journeyman).   He married Jane
Kenney Sowter   .   .  Died before 1886?  

Matthew had 1 child that I know of:
2. Minnie Ormiston ( Ormston ) b. ??.??.1868 England
She married John Murray
b. ??.??.1865 on the 30.04.1886 i St. Aloysius Chapel
Garnethill, Glasgow .   .  
District nr: 644/7 Entry 177, District name: Blythswood

Church details:
After Banns according to the forms of the Roman Catholic churce.
WJ Litson
Nellie Turner
Reg. date: 4th May 1886 at Glasgow
Reg: John McDonald, Ass.reg.
Officiating Minister: Peter J Chandlery

Minnie had 3 children:
3. John B. Murray b. ??.??.1889. Larnarkshire, Glasgow. Died in Australia 1980??
4. Joseph Leo Murray b. 13.03.1892 d. 13.09.1965.
5. Minni Murray
4. Joseph Leo Murray . (my wifes grandfather)
Joseph b: 13.03.1892 in Edinburgh Scotland.  d. 13.09.1965   .   .  
Lake district, Windemer

Insurance Broker.
He served in WW 1, and was wounded in France. 1914-1918

Had his company J. L. Murray & Company in Newcastle.

1935 and 1936 directory for Newcastle which lists 
Joseph L. Murray & Co. Ltd., Claims Assessors
and Insurance Brokers, Prudential Buildings, 12 Mosley St.  
Joseph L. Murray is shown as living at the Pele Tower, Corbridge.  

1943 directory gives it as:
Murray, J.L. & Co. Ltd. 10-12 Pilgrim Street
(Telephone 23281-2), with the residence given
as Capheaton (Telephone 210).

Joseph lived at:  
35 King Edvard road Tynemouth Northumberland.
1936 -1943 LOW HALL in Corbridge
1943 - 1945:
The village is Capheaton, about 15 miles north-west
of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Boghall is a farm or hamlet about 1.5 miles south of Capheaton.

1965 bodde han her:
Cote How in Rydal village near  Ambleside.

He married Solveig Nielsen b. 06.10.1890 d. 14.04.1984 Married the 20.08.1913  . 
The Worshipful Francis Henry Lancelot Errington
By permission of lord Bishop of Newcastle.
Address: 21 Albien Place.

2 Marriage Eva S. Murray 

He died 13.09.1965 i Beaumont Hospital, Lancaster, England.

Joseph got 7 children:
6. Lena Helene Murray b. 08.01.1916 d. 01.12.1921.
7. Dougal Douglas Murray b. 29.07.1918 d. 16.11.1947.
8. Angus Murray b. 02.11.1919 d. 13.10.1942.
9. Joe Joseph Murray b. 01.08.1924 d. ??.??.1984.
10. Private
11. Heather Murray 
12. Ian Murray

I write this in order to find all descendants of
Theodor Catharinus Nilsen.

The family emigrated to Newcastle in 1894.
Theodor Catharinus Nilsen, born 1851 Bergen Norway.
Married to Helene Sofie Bendixsen also born 1850 in Bergen Norway.
Theodor Beyer born 1876 Bergen, Norway.
Ragna Nilsen (married Dobie) born 1885 Bergen, Norway.
Gudrun Nilsen born 1885 Bergen, Norway, she married Jack White and got
two children in England. Lawrence White and Joan White.
Ragna Nilsen Dobie married Mr. Dobie and they had five children, one of their children David emigrated to Kenya and one son Gordon lived i Newcastle.
Solveig Nilsen (married Murray) born 1890 Bergen, Norway.
They lived in South Shields, Northumberland.
Theodor Catharinus Nilsen, occupation was marine store dealer in Newcastle.

Murray in Corbridge, ring a bell?

How can I find Murray, Joseph Leo's burrial in  Northumberland?
How can I find a company in Newcastle before WW 2?
How can I find records of wounded in WW 1?

1.	Owen Murray.

Maried to Kate Donavan
Boilmaker (journeyman) 
2. John Murray b. ??.??.1865. England. 

Cencus 1891
Year 1891 ( April 5th) District nr. 685/2. Enumeration book: 130 p.19
District Name:                St. Andrews, Edinburgh
Address:                      25 Collins Place,  Edinburgh
Name:                         John Murray
Relationship to head:  Head
Sex:                          Male
Age:                          26
Occupation:                   Assurance superintendent
Employment:                   Employed
Place of birth:               England    

Name:                         Minnie Murray
Relationship to head:         Wife
Sex:                          Female
Age:                          23
Place of birth:               England    

Name:                         John B. Murray
Relationship to head:         Son
Sex:                          Male
Age:                          2
Place of birth:               Lanarkshire, Glasgow 

John Murray married Minnie Ormiston ( Ormston ) b. ??.??.1868
the 30.04.1886 i St. Aloysius Chapel. 

District nr: 644/7 Entry 177. District name: Blythswood

Church details:
After Banns according to the forms of the Roman Catholic churce.
Witness: WJ Litson, Nellie Turner
Reg. date: 4th May 1886 at Glasgow. Reg: John McDonald, Ass.reg.
Officiating Minister: Peter J Chandlery 

  3. John B. Murray b. ??.??.1889. Larnakshire, Glasgow
  4. Joseph Leo Murray b. 13.03.1892 Edinburgh, Scotland. d. 13.09.1965 

Born 0h 30m AM. Reg. 1th April 1892 Reg: Wm S Sutherland Dist. nr.
685/2 Entry 350

Grandfather Murray , Joseph Leo. Born 13.03.1892 Edinburgh. 
Died 13 September 1965 Beaumont Hospital, Lancaster.
Lived in Tynemouth.
Moved to Corbridge, Northumberland. The house was called Peel Tower
1932 to 1939.
Moved to Bog Hall, Cap Heston 1939
Was a gentleman farmer at Bingfield 1940+?
Later moved to somewhere around Newcastle. He served in WW 1, and was
wounded in France. He came from Scotland.
He had a company in the insurance business called J. l. Murray &
He was married first to Solveig Nilsen from Bergen Norway,  in 20 Aug. 1913
divorced 10  February 1947, died 1984 and buried in Newcastle.
Joseph Leo remarried Eva Murray and had a daughter Heather and a son Ian.
Solveig Nilsen was the daughter of Theodor Catharinus Nilsen og Helene
Sofie Bendixen in South Shields. The Marriage Certificate reads
something like: "The Worshipfull Francis Henry Lancelot Errington
 By permission of lord Bishop of Newcastle."
 Adress when they married: 21 Albien Place?

 With Solveig Nilsen he had the following children:

	Sons:  Murray Dougal (Douglas) B. 29.07.1918 D. 16.11.1947. 
	He joined the 4th Battalion (Territorial Army)First The Royal Fusileers of
	Northumberland 1936 to 1942 (Lieut. nr 69288)then to
	RAF V.R. as pilot WW2, and Sqadron Leader awarded DFC, 
	competed in the offisers championship as a fetherwheigt boxer at
	Albert Hall before WW 2.
	Married actress Felicity Gower. Sept. 1939? She died in 1948?
	They had no children.
	Gazetted details for:
     	Flying officer Douglas Murray (119128)
	Granted a commission for the emergency as
	Pilot Officer on probation in the General Duties Branch 
	(ex Rifle Brigade) of the Volunteer Reserve 26 Febr. 1942
	Flying Officer (War Substantive)             1 Oct.  1942 (on probation)
	Flight Lieutenant  (War Substantive)        26 Febr. 1944 
	Acting Squadron Leader                      28 March 1945
	Last day of service                          4 Sept. 1946
	Died in a car crash at Wycombe Marsh, 
	High Wycombe, on the London - Oxford road   16 Nov.  1947
	Burried Preston Cemetery 		    21 Nov.  1947

	Honours and awards:

	Distinguished Flying Cross                12 March 1943
The Bucks Free Press, Fiday, November 21 1947 page 7

One Killed Three Hurt. Vehicles Collide Near Beaconsfield

One Person was Killed and tree injured when the motor car in which they
were travelling became involved in a collision with a motor coach on the
main London - Oxford road, between Beaconsfield and Ferrards Cross on
Sunday night.
The dead man was Mr. Douglas Murray aged 29 of 10 Cranley Mews London SW 7,
who was a passenger in the car driven by Mr. George Nicol Gilmour, of 54
Princes Gate Mews, London, S.W. 7. Mr. Gilmour, his wife, Mrs. Eileen
Gilmour, and a fourth passenger, Mrs. Catherine Joan Miller, of 35
Fitzjohn-avenue, London, N.W. 3, were all injured and taken to High Wycombe
War Memorial Hospital.
The car was travelling towards London when it became involved in a
collision with a
Green Line coach driven by Mr. William W. Symington, of Rutland-avenue,
High Wycombe, which was travelling in the opposite direction.
The inquest on Mr. Murray was opened by the Coroner for South Bucks. Mr. P.
Nickson, on Monday, and after evidence of identification was given by Col.
David T. Dobie, of 27 Walpole-street, Chelsea, a cousin, the hearing was
adjourned until December 18.

The Times 19 Nov. 1947 Rugby Football
Douglas Murray, the Rosslyn Park fullback, was killed in a motor accident
on Sunday.
Murray, who played for Rosslyn Park in every match exept one this season
was in the lenalmond team of 1936 and  served in the R.A.F. during the war.

        Son: Murray Angus 
	B. 02.11.1919 D.13.10.1942 pilot RAF WW2, killed in 	
	action. He was unmarried.
  	Gazetted details for:
	Flying officer Angus Murray (118885)
	Granted a commission for the emergency as
	Pilot Officer on probation in the General Duties Branch
	of the Volunteer Reserve             7 Febr. 1942
	Flying Officer (War Substantive)     1 Oct.  1942

	Killed in flying accident           13 Oct.1942
        The location of the accident is given as 1 mile North North
        East of Acaster Malbis in Yorkshire.  This is a small village a few 
	km south of York in the North of England. 
	Angus is buried on Brigg Cemetery.  
	It is on the road to Grimsby, Plot. C. Grave no. 167.
	Son:  Joe Joseph B. 01 Aug. 1924 Tynemouth D. 1984?
	Married Marian, a nurce, they later divorced.They got one 
	daughter: Helene Murray?
	Later Joe Joseph moved to London and remarried and had two more
	Royal Marines i WW II.
        Daughter: Murray Lena (Helene), B. 08 Jan 1916 
	Tynemouth,  died age 5 of polio Dec.1921

	Daughter: Private B.Tynemouth

Have anyone done reseach on this name?

Dobie in Newcastle, ring a bell?

 1. Theodor Catharinus Nielsen.
Theodor Catharinus born 13. Febr.1851 in Nykirken Bergen, Norway.
Married Helene Sofie Bendixen born 02. Nov.1850.
Married 25. Oct.1875.
Emigrated to Newcastle. 1905
Waterclerk in Newcastle.
He died in Newcastle, approx 1939 ?.

They got  4 children:
  2. Theodor Beyer b. 05.10.1876 d. young.
  3. Ragna Danilsen Nilsen Dobie b. 13.02.1885 d. ??.??.1970.
  4. Gudrun Nilsen b. 13.02.1885.
  5. Solveig Nilsen b. 06.10.1890 d. 14.04.1984.

   3. Ragna Danilsen Nilsen Dobie.
Born 13.02.1885 in Nykirken Bergen, Norway
Married Dave Walter Dobie . Director of The Tyneside Fischquay
in North Shields, Newcastle. French consul in Newcastle
They got 5 children:
They got 5 children:
   6. Gordon Dobie married Marie Jeanne Dobie.
      Director of The Tyneside Fischquay
Joseph Leo Dobie. Brigader in the Army.  married to Joan Clare Dobie    (nee Watson). They had four children: Philippa Joan (called Pippa), Gillian Ann, Michael John David and Catriona Gay.
    8. Marjorie Thelma Ellis Dobie, married Harry Ellis who became Canon of Liverpool Cathederal had four children
    9. Mary Dobie Walsh.
   10. David Theodore Dobie. Married Rex Dobie.
Decorated  DSO in WW II. Airborn Divison Arnheim.
Was Mercedes Benz and Toyota dealer in Nairobi and Tanzania.

They got 3 children.
  Georgina Dobie.
  Davinia Dobie.
  Charles Dobie.

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