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They went far away to raise a family.

Wanted relatives of the brothers Rasmus, Theodor and Martin Johan Nelson.

Rasmus Nelson (Nielsen) born 26/2-1853 Bergen, Norway
Departed Bergen as first mate on a ship to France and then Buenos Aieres. He may have setteld in Queeenstown Australia togheter with Theodor.

Martin Johan Nelson (Nielsen) born 28/2-1859 Bergen, Norway
Parents was Martin Johan Nielsen og Gertrud Margarethe Danielsen.
He was a contarctor/storekeeper in Aucland or Manaukau in New Zealand. Martin Johan Nelson married Annie McMarty born 186? Irland. They raised 4 children and ond of the grand children has as the rumor goes been in Norway looking for ancesters.

Can anyone on the net help me get in touch?

At last we found the ship, marriage and the children.
I can`t find where they are buried?
Where do we go from here?

I am looking for Dorthea Pedersdatter (Petersdaughter / Pederson?), born May 6, 1843, bapt. May 28, 1843 in Sørum, Norway. Emigrated: Dorthea Pedersdatter,serialnumber.5030531, contract date 27/9-1872, girl, 29 years, agent Blickfeldt & Co,destination Queensland. Ship "St. Olaf", departure date 28/9-1872, ticket value spd. 100. She did travel together with 2 others from Ullensaker, Romerike, Norway named Berthe Jensdatter, born 1832, Syver Eriksen, born 1830, and a Sweede named Olsson. The ship "St. Olaf" went to Hamburg, Germany, and/or to New York or maybe all the way to Australia (this is not quite clear). Resently I have discovered that they may have arrived on the ship Lammerohagen. Dorothea PEDERSDATTER arrived at Moreton Bay [the then name for the Port of Brisbane] on 8 January 1873 on the Lammerohagen under the command of Captain PAULS. It had left Hamburg on 6 October 1872. The 877 ton vessel caaried 399 passengers. During the voyage 17 babies were born and 13 passengers died. On arrival the passengers were placed in quarantine which indicates there was disease on board. A check a records filed in the archives indicates there exists a series of letters of complians about conditions on board during the voyage. Syver ERIKSEN was also on board the vessel as was Berthe JENSDATTER but OLSSON was not. Incidentally a baby JENSDATTER was born on the voyage and named Berthe too.

Her daughter or granddaughter was on the Austalian Tennis Team playing in Oslo Norway approx. 1950 ?, and she was then looking for her Norwegian ancestors. Even advertised in Norwegian newspapers.

They were told to have a sheep station or farm in Australia or New Zealand.

However Dorothea married Julius Bernhard Olsson B.01.01.1848-D 15.09.1920 in Brisbane on 21 October 1876. Ref: 76B/5379 The B in the reference number indicates "Brisbane". The marriage certificate tells us that the couple, Dorothea PEDERSON and Julius Bernhard OLSSON had not been married before and they married in Brisbane on 21 October 1876. Juluis gives his trade as a seaman born at Falkenburg Sweden aged 28 years the son of Olaf OLSSON, a seaman and Caterina ANDERSON. Dorothea aged 30 years was born at Rommerike Norway. There is a large family descended from a John Alfred Ollson who was born 26 Sep 1843 at Falkenberg Sweden - the son of Olaf Bern Olsson and Catherina Magnus. I know this is a different mother's name but everything else is the same. Could he be a brother?

Children that issued from the marriage were:

Gustav Adolph Olsson B: 4 September 1877 Brisbane Ref:77B/22439 He died 27.09.1878.

Oscar Alfred Olsson B:25 September 1879 Ref:79/2231. This Birth was outside of Brisbane! Died 2 Sept. 1968 Bundaberg. Unmarried.

Charles Rudolf Olsson B:17 November 1881 Brisbane Ref:81B/28420 Died 17 July 1957. Was married 4 Feb. 1922 to Margaret Lyons Born 1891 Died 3 Jan. 1932. Bundaberg

Anna Katrina Olsson B:1 December 1883 Ref:83/563 Outside of Brisbane. Died 26 June 1923 Sydney Hospital(ref 4967)

John Arthur Olsson B:10 July 1886 Ref: 86/581 Outside of Brisbane. Was in Sydney when his siter died. Adress 26 Derwent Street, Forest Lodge Sydney? We know nothing about him.

Whilst at the State Archives, we checked some of their Pastoral Lease Indices and found a reference LAN/P518 Page 4343 Bundaberg Another Card Index under the name of Julius Bernhard Olsson Showed " Lot 8 Bundaberg 21 August 1917 LAN AB95

Where can i find the will???

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