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David Christie. b. 15 april 1657- d. 1729. minister and hospitalmanager

Andrew Christie born to David Christie and Aleson
Hamilton on 13 February 1697 in Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland.
I found what seem to be the parents of David Christie (1657-1729) listed
in some Scotish Church  records (New at the LDS). They are listed as David
Christie and LYBRA Hamilton. It seems odd that his mother and wife would
both have the Hamilton surname, but I imagine Hamilton was a very common
surname. Do you know anything about these two? David (Jr) was listed as
being baptised on April 20, 1657 in Kelso.  

The other day I came across a copy of a letter written by Andrew Chrystie to 
(Alice Chrystie and Cadwallader Colden) from Moss, Norway. The letter was
dated April 28, 1744. The decriptinon of the letter says that it was
written to Andrew's sister and brother -in-law. To me, this confirms that your
Norwegian Chrysties and my American Christies are the same family.

Letters and Papers by Colden, Cadwallader New York. He was married to
Alice Chrystie, sister of Andrew Chrystie i Moss og David Chrystie in Brevik,
They came from Scotland.
[Brev] Letters and papers . - Repr. - New York , 1973 - 9 b. : ill. -
(Collections / New York Historical Society) (The John Watts De Peyster
publication fund series) First published 1918-37. UB on Solliplass, Oslo
has all 9 books. 9 books, 4500 pages, letter from year 1700 +. ISBN

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