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From Christians trip round the Atlantic on Statraad Lemhkuhl.
It took from mid september to mid descember 06: Bergen Norway, Canari Island, Bermuda, Norfolk and Baltimore USA, Portsmout England to Bergen again.
In sun and calm sea to USA and Hurricans back home on the 50th.

Link to the Navy and the log here.


On deck on Theodore Roosefeldt

The great traveling year for the Stoermann-Næss Holum Family.

Elin and me did get 2 weeks at Crete i october.

They have made this search possible:
And to the main sponsors:
Elin my wife, mom and dad and to father in law, without this would not happend.

We did take on the wild west.

USA NEXT... to find my roots.

Special thanks for great help and inspiration to:
Laila N. Christiansen
Turid Holsve & Geir Kamsvaag Berntsen
Marius Hellerud
Patricia Steele
James Sterrett

Genealogyforum at DIS Norway


VIDAR & SON, USA AROUND 18 april -27 mai.

Mail to all my US  fiends and family. My plan is to have almost no plans.



1 leg and the outline of the trip is:

Oslo Island Air

Minneapolis and family, to get a good start.

Sacramento, to friends and a car loan.

Skiing Rockies my son in Canada say's Lake Tahoe have 8,4 feet or meter snow, enough for me.

SF and Alcatraz, but we did not stay.

John as a guide did the great SF tour.

Highway one

LA tanks to Ken for a grand tour.

Las Vegas, did win on Bjørns advice do put everything on red at first table.

Salt Lake, did visit Mormon Archives and Nordic desk, very helpful.

Pocatello Bikeweek (one week on Harley) 6000 miles fantastic, John, Heb and Jeff.

Delivered the car in Pocatello.


2 leg:

Naples alligator seeing + sumpboat on Glades.

Washington NARA to see if I can find my great grandfather passport, dead end.

New York and Manhattan for a week was tricky, did find hotel in Queens.

17 of may Ground Zero, Champions League final at the sportspub 2 and 35. And celebration in Norwegian Seamans church.

Minneapolis and family, test in Greg's new M5 what an engine purr.

Vidar Holum


Dos anyone on have a ranch, love to be cowboy for a day :-)
Am I joking? Low vages expectation :-) My pay a one hour lecture in how to find your Norwegian roots.
I pack my PowerPoint about DIS and Genealogy in English on a USB pin.


Next trip 07/08:

Pittsburgh to see if I find the grave for great grandfather.


NASCAR, racing and classic cars is my passion.

Cyndi did mail me about the 2 big genealogy conventions but I am sorry to miss them. (That will be another excuse.)

Naples and dinner with Laila.


My be Arizona if Priscilla is home in Arizona?

Have not decided Portland/Seattle yet.

Table of Contents:
Relatives wanted!!! Norge
Relatives wanted!!! Sverige
Relatives wanted!!! Danmark
Relatives wanted!!! Germany
Relatives wanted!!! England
Relatives wanted!!! USA
Relatives wanted!!! Canada
Relatives wanted!!! Australia
Relatives wanted!!! New Zealand
Relatives wanted!!! Scotland

Searches that have lasted for 50 years.
Hans Pedersen Holt
Bernt Kristoffersen
Anker Ljungren

Help for others, searching in Norway.

Literature and books about genealogy and Scandinavians in:
Australia and New Zealand, Canada,Denmark, England, Norway
and The Royal Air Force

New certificates for "sale" take a look. They my help you in your search.

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