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The emigrat ships: St. Olaf - Lammershagen, Newspapers
Hamburg - New Zealand in 1875

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A new story that did arrive today 26. januar 2004 from
Maureen MacDonald

I am researching the NITZ family who sailed on the 1875 voyage of the Lammershagen to New Zealand.  
Herman and Louisa NITZ and two sons, August and Rudolph were last living in Jatzkow, kr Lauenburg but the Nitz family came from Stojentin, kr Stolp. 
Maureen MacDonald
Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ
The following is the Commissioner's Report on the voyage which left Hamburg on 1 April 1875 and arrived in Wellington on 11 July.
This report and passenger list is held in National Archives, Wellington, New Zealand.

Early on the 12th we mustered the Immigrants and inspected the vessel when we were pleased to find everything to our satisfaction.  The deck houses by means of which access was gained to the tween decks were particularly good and similar constructions have been before recommended by us for use in British vessels carrying Immigrants to this Colony - The ladders and fittings generally were much more substantial than in English vessels. - the Married people were located under the poop and also in the tween decks they having the use of the after and main hatches the compartment was roomy and well ventilated.  We considered it rather dark however but as our inspection took place during an exceedingly heavy rain squall it was explained to us that the compartment was darker than it usually was as the doors of the deck houses were shut and other means of lighting were covered over - The single girls were berthed under the Poop, their compartment was an exceedingly comfortable one and they had an excellent bathroom - the single mens compartment was under the fore hatch and was clean roomy and well ventilated. 

The means of ventilation throughout this vessel were particularly good in fact we may say better than in any vessel we have yet inspected.  The male hospital on deck and the female hospital under the poop were well ventilated and convenient as also was the dispensary which was under the poop - the Galley and condenser was good.

The Immigrants generally were healthy and of good physique and so far as we could ascertain there was little or no organic disease amongst them ...  We regret to report however that two of the single girls were confined on board and were still in bed  at the time of our inspection.  Their names are Caroline Poll 32 and Fredericka Birirschki 24.  We mention this fact in order that enquiries may be instituted as to how they obtained their certificates of character. 

In conclusion we recommend the payment of gratuities and we think that every praise is due to Captain Paul - Surgeon Superintendent Feilberg and the Officers of the ship for the very creditable manner in which she was brought into port."



The Evening Post newspaper reported that the ship had experienced fine weather during the passage which occupied 96 days.  A S.W. gale had ranged over the whole of New Zealand on the Monday reaching the city and harbor during the evening and blew furiously for several hours but no rain fell and the sky was quite clear.  Because of the weather the ship had been unable to land any immigrants that day - two more births had take place on board in that time!    About 122 of the immigrants went on to Westland , Nelson and Taranaki and the rest landed in Wellington . 


The emigrat ships: St. Olaf - Lammershagen, Newspapers
Hamburg - New Zealand in 1875

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