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Cadwallader Colden 1688-1776

He was a wealthy New York merchant of the colonial period who served as Royal Governor of the then-British Royal Province of New York before the American Revolution.

The Chrysties were a well known New York City colonial family, Chrystie Street is still in lower Manhattan.

His friend General George Clinton (1739-1813) was an American General during the American Revolution who would serve after the war's end as Governor of the state of New York and Vice President of the United States in the second administartion of Thomas Jefferson and the first administration of President James Madison.

He was married to Alice Chrystie, sister of Andrew Chrystie in Moss og David Chrystie in Brevik, Norway.

They all came from Scotland.

Here you have exampels and quotation from a few letters:

From David Chrystie, father of Mrs. Cadwallader Colden.
From James Chrystie
to his brother-in-law, Cadwallader Colden.

From Andrew Chrystie

to his sister, Mrs. Cadwallader Colden.
From David Chrystie, Junior, to his sister, Mrs. Cadwallader Colden.

From Alice Hamilton
of Mrs. Cadwallader Colden.

Letters and Papers by Colden, Cadwallader New York.

[Brev] Letters and papers . - Repr. - New York , 1973 - 9 vol : ill. - (Collections / New York Historical Society) (The John Watts De Peyster publication fund series) First published 1918-37.

UB on Solliplass, Oslo has all 9 books. 4500 pages, letter's from year 1700 +.

ISBN 0-404-01690-1

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From Andrew Chrystie.

BREVIEG Sept 6th 1725 n s

To Broyr & Sister.

My last was from Moss of June 28th In answer to yours of December 30th 1724, Since which we have not been favoured wt any from you.
I wou'd not have delayed so long in writting, Since my last, if I did not expect to hear from you in yt time, as the receit of a letter from you furnishes me w' more matter to compose mine of, than I can propose to do, by writting Severall. times wt out an Answer, however the Subject I am now to treat of will furnish me att this time, I think, wt matter abundance.
I wrott you in my last that you cou'd not expect me over to your parts because the uncertainty of trade wt

THE COLDEN PAPERS-1711-1729. 183

you, as also my fayrs aversion thereto; I must now tell you that there has fallen a greater block in my way, qeh is more powerfull than all ye former arguments: I have att last yeilded to Cupid's power, and am so much wounded wt his arrows, that all ye prospect of trade and the greatest encouragement whatsomever, cou'd not be able to draw my affections from that Object whereon I have placed them: 1 have only begunn to make my application that way Since I came here to Brevieg about 3 or 4 days agoe, and have made Such progress, that, I think, I have as good as gott her consent wt her parents and nearest Relations. You will no doubt now be anxious to know her Name and Kindred, wt the qualifications that may attend her: Her name is Karen Lars dotter daughter to Lars Nielson formerly a Merclitt here in Brevieg, who died a few years agoe and her Mother alive, who is married lately to a Anoyr Merchant here of ye Same Surname. Her father was broyr to Jacob Nielson whom you have no doubt hear'd of formerly: If 1 shou'd now give you a particular description of her beauty and oyr qualities, you wou'd no doubt think my love to her wou'd make me Sway much to flatterie, yrfore in a word I can tell you, she's handsome, beautifull, Religious, well tempered, well educated, wise and vertous, and in a word indued wt all ye qualifications requisit to make a wo an compleat, and about 18 years of Age. What She may have as to the worlds part on’t, I leave to the last, and believe that she's rich enough When she's indued w, the above properties; however by qt she has left by her father's death, and by oyrs of her near Relations (who have no heirs) are able and (I doubt not) willing to give her, I a[m] in ye thoughts she will have no contemp[t] portion. 1 have no thoughts as yett for certain. qt Place to Settle in nor when to consummate my happiness as I have only Just now made a beginning, the issue qrof I leave to the providence of God.-You will no doubt laugh att my Stile in y' letter, but when you Know qt influence love may have on my Spirits, you will not think it so Strange. I will take it upon me to recommend my Dear Cassie to both your affections, and to assure you in

184 THE COLDEN PAPERS-1711-1729.

her name that You may alwise expect ye Same affection from her as formerly you have had and ever Shall have from
D. Broyr & Sister


Doctor of Medicine in Newyork & the John Gally North America

Capt Ball

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